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  At PBAC we believe that the physical activities associated with the sport of gymnastics not only builds strength, flexibility and coordination, but has a profound and positive effect on a child’s self esteem & psychological development. Studies show that regular physical activity can increase a person’s brain power. 

  PBAC offers gymnastics classes to all ages and skill levels. We range from our Mommy and me classes and build the kids all the way up to competitive team!


     Our mommy and me, preschool, and hot shot classes (1-5) build motor skills, encourage dynamic movement and builds confidence in a social setting.  Our girls and boys gymnastics classes for ages 5 and up introduce the sport of gymnastics as a tool for developing a child physically and mentally, and competitive teams when they are ready for that next step. 


     Tumbling classes cater to a wide audience as we offer instruction in acro tumbling for dancers, cheer tumbling for cheerleaders, parkour and more


  At PBAC, the coaches, staff, parents and fellow gymnasts support the dreams and goals of each other. Our coaches have a special passion for uplifting and pulling the potential from each child that walks in our doors


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