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The Elite Athletics Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program is specially designed to accelerate student learning, and enhance performance on the mat. As such, the program will help students become more technically proficient in various positions, submissions and escapes.


Belt ranks and promotions can be based on many factors including International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation guidelines, mat experience, technical performance, technique knowledge, conduct and attitude. Belt Testing is important to ensure that students are competent in a range of fundamental techniques and submissions, commensurate with their belt level.


When a student has achieved sufficient mat time (months, years and frequency) and demonstrates the appropriate skills during drills and sparring, they may be considered eligible and be selected for Belt Testing and or promotion.


Selected students will be notified that they are eligible for promotion and will have the option of either:


1) Attending a Belt Test Technique Review Session (most likely held on a Saturday morning 10:00 – 12:00), during which they will both touch up any missing details and be evaluated on the techniques listed for the Belt Test or


2) Be evaluated on a more private basis at another time to be agreed upon.


The primary objective for Belt testing is to demonstrate skills and learn. Students who need additional drilling will have to accomplish this and reschedule before the belt ceremony, or simply wait until the next testing cycle.


All tests will be conducted with gi and are meant to be cumulative. In other words, a Purple Belt test candidate is responsible for knowing and being able to explain and demonstrate all Green and Blue Belt techniques.


After testing, a Belt Ceremony will be held, awarding promoted students to their new rank.


NOTE: Specific, fundamental techniques will be named for Green, Blue and Purple Belts. Students testing for Brown or Black Belts will have a choice of their most effective techniques in a position. For example, whereas a Purple Belt candidate will have to demonstrate specific named submissions from Guard, a Brown Belt candidate may be asked to demonstrate “six submissions from full guard.”

The link's below will automatically download the file that is provided, for those that are testing. If you have any issues with downloading, please see the front desk. Thank you.

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